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Real-time motion capture softwareThe software system is independently developed by Chingmu Vision, with a chinese-friendly software operation interface, simple and easy to operate, and powerful software performance, which can meet all kinds of scenarios under the use of motion capture and tracking and positioning.

1. Support the redirection of model assets import, support IK/FK;

2. Support 2D/3D visual display, support to capture 100+ rigid objects at the same time;

3. Support dynamic addition of rigid body, and automatically add new rigid body without selecting marker point;

4. Support the tracking of active marker, which can simultaneously identify multiple rigid body targets with the same point position;

5. Support the one-key creation of human skeleton, human skeleton has 23 segments, can be shown in the image of match man, robot, etc.;

6. Full-body dynamic capture data can drive 3D character models in Unity3D, UE4, MotionBuilder and other software in real time;

7. With intelligent data repair function, the system can steadily capture the body movements of the actor when he is doing hugging, push-ups or rolls;

8. It supports optical inertial mixing with any inertial device, and the rigid body with optical inertial mixing function can track its 6 degrees of freedom stably even if only one marker point is captured;

9. Full-body dynamic capture data can be saved in FBX, BVH, C3D, CMR and other formats. The exported data can be one-key bound in MotionBuilder and Maya.

10. The mobile capture system can be deployed separately from the client side. The client side can be installed on any terminal and the server can be remotely awakened.