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MC1000MC1000 is the fourth generation positioning camera with green pupil vision. In terms of cost performance and appearance, we have further optimized it. With a simple black square appearance, it is currently an ideal positioning camera for the blue pupil vision market.

  1. Infrared optical tracking, no electrical, magnetic and acoustic interference;

  2, wireless tracking, no data line and power line tie;

  3, built-in high-energy near-infrared LED flash, the wavelength is 850 nm, the intensity can be adjusted;

  4, full resolution maximum frame rate: ≥ 120 frames / sec;

  5, resolution: ≥ 1.3 million pixels;

  6, horizontal field of view: ≥ 85 °;

  7, vertical field of view: ≥ 65 °;

  8, focal length ≤ 4mm, aperture ≤ 1.8;

  9. There is a digital tube in front of the lens to indicate the working status of the camera and the calibration progress;

  10, built-in processor performance ≥ dual-core ARM A9, memory ≥ 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, ≥ 16MB QSPI, ≥ 4GB eMMC;

  11. POE power supply, only one network cable can complete the system power supply, synchronization and data transmission functions at the same time;

  12, installation distance: 100 meters;

  13, delay: ≤ 8.5 milliseconds;

  14. Tracking distance: ≥11 meters;

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