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ChingMu Online virtual live streaming platformThe chingMu dynamic capture system and virtual green box were used to directly drive the virtual character model with actors wearing motion capture suits,The current situation of COVID-19 is still not serious, which seriously affects people's long-distance communication.We are in the age of information and communication. Mobile phones and video phones have given people "clairvoyant eyes and wind-accompanying ears".

Now, we need more interaction scenes with long-distance integration, so that human beings can constantly socialize and communicate better, especially in news interview industry and virtual live broadcasting industry.

Today, we will bring you the holographic off-screen series interview system in this virtual online live broadcast platform -- the holographic imaging images in this system no longer need to be recorded in advance,The real scene can be put into the remote studio in real time with the same scale. The synthesized voice, expression and action can be presented in real time. It is very natural to shake hands, talk and interact with interviewers.

This virtual live streaming platform is jointly developed and completed by Shanghai Chingmu Vision Technology Co., LTD and Hunan Bowan Technology Co., LTD,through dynamic 3d reconstruction of real person, speech and virtual image are synthesized into a unified carrier, which surpasses the limitation of time and space.

Through new technology systems such as 5G+4K video terminal and holographic display terminal, the studios or studios of different places are seamlessly connected to complete interactive interviews and reports comparable to local effects;

And through the effective planning and execution linkage before and behind the formation of multi-party planning and command, the local real host and virtual interviewer thousands of miles away from the seamless interaction,the collaboration between virtual and real makes the long-distance communication between people no longer limited to the two ends of the screen, and truly realizes the three-dimensional real-time interaction.

At the same time, the system can also carry out virtual and real live broadcast on the same screen in different places, and use Chingmu's proprietary optical motion-capture technology to interact with virtual characters and real people on the same screen during the interview.

The chingMu dynamic capture system and virtual green box were used to directly drive the virtual character model with actors wearing motion capture suits, and the output was video signals that could be extracted along the way, which were placed in the virtual scene and recorded together with the host.

System core advantages:

1. Break the space distance limit to reduce cost and increase efficiency for users.This system makes use of 5G network gigabit high bandwidth to achieve millisecond low delay.During the interview, 5G network transmission and holographic imaging technology are used to enable representatives and reporters in different places to "meet" across time and space, creating a precedent for long-distance on-screen interviews in the ERA of 5G.

2. Disrupt social networking on the Internet.Holographic communication USES the characteristics of 5G network high-speed transmission to transmit 3D video signals with large data volumes.It can show a more real world for users and achieve a qualitative leap in interactivity.

3. The remote audio and video "adopt and transmit" seamlessly.Real-time processing and distribution of audio and video content;Low millisecond delay makes local and remote interaction more natural and fluent, and real-time natural speech and facial movements;

4. Seamless connection with other schemes.This system supports docking with other AI anchor systems, temporary photo studios, 5G studios and cloud editing platforms,extend and cover to other fixed and mobile nodes, realize integrated visual dispatching command and interactive interview, and improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration;

5. Numerous extension application scenarios.In addition to the communication field,it can also lead the transformation of the game and e-commerce industries, and is even expected to cover medical, military, education and other fields.

Company profile:

Shanghai chingMu Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on infrared optical motion capture system and virtual reality platform research and development,with full proprietary intellectual property rights, we specialize in manufacturing and selling optical motion capture equipment and software,the products serve the virtual reality theme park, film and television, games and other pan-entertainment industry, but also can be applied to sports, medical, VR, industry and other fields.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company's current customers throughout the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, And exported to Japan and South Korea and other countries.

The company insists on independent research and development, has more than 50 core patents, a number of optical dynamic capture industry successful application cases.ChingMu is persistent in the exploration of optical motion capture, relying on excellent product quality and multi-dimensional innovative development, is growing rapidly.We look forward to bringing more excellent man-machine delivery experience to every customer, making the integration of virtual and real more harmonious, and achieving the ultimate dream of perfect combination of virtual and real.

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