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Develop VR police simulation system "CM-Armed"The optical motion capture system of Chingmu Vision can not only carry out individual individual training, but also carry out multi-person cooperative training, as well as the practical effects of real-time, multi-person motion capture and animation deduction functions in the military application field.

"As an officer, we not only have keen eyes, intelligent mind, and awe-inspiring righteousness and keep up a strain, to crack down on the crime of smuggling, guard the entrance guard security" police actual combat skills is a anti-smuggling police every one of the necessary business skills, police are using VR training to deal with various situations.

In the early 1990s, the United States pioneered the use of virtual reality in the military.In recent years, with the development of science and technology, virtual reality technology has penetrated into all other aspects of the military, and began to play an increasing role in the military field and other fields.

CM-Armed developed by ChingMu Vision is applied to guangzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau police combat.ChingMu's massively multiplayer training simulation allows trainees to move around in open Spaces and experience various realistic scenarios with head displays, body sensors, and weapons, as if they were actually fighting with their peers.

By virtue of its realistic simulation ability of environment and situation, CM-Armed can enhance the training effect of multi-player cooperation or confrontation. In the case of multi-player teams, using low-cost virtual reality technology, it is possible to conduct collaborative training over and over again, over long periods, without setting up or preparing. For combat training, virtual reality technology can solve the problem of fighting against environmental changes. In addition, the computer-based virtual reality technology can easily recover training data for the subsequent analysis of collaborative and confrontational effects.

Live demo video (top)

System composition:

1. Blue pupil visual motion capture subsystem;

2. Resource management subsystem;

3. Assessment and scoring subsystem;

4. Video playback subsystem;

5. Intelligent analysis layer subsystem;

6. AI artificial intelligence subsystem;

7. Process control subsystem;

8. Voice communication subsystem;

9. Individual equipment subsystem and necessary accessories.

The system can be used for individual data analysis, such as man-machine efficacy, individual soldier load, military medical treatment, etc., and can be used for military virtual training, such as individual soldier skill training, team tactical training, and team cooperative training.

It can carry out individual individual training and multi-person cooperative training, as well as the practical effects of real-time, multi-person motion capture and animation deduction functions in the military application field. The computer terminal can use CATIA, di-guy and other software to simulate and generate a virtual 3d battlefield environment, and provide the trainers with visual, auditory and other sensory simulation through head-mounted display device.

The cm-armed VR experience, developed by Chingmu Vision, provides realistic visual images, sound effects and other sensory cues, and is designed to bring the same mental and physical challenges as real situations, even giving trainees an adrenaline rush. Just like in the real world, you can yell at each other or communicate with gestures. Commanders can view the training from any Angle at any time and replay the picture later for reflection.