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ChingMu Online virtual live streaming platform

The chingMu dynamic capture system and virtual green box were used to directly drive the virtual character model with actors wearing motion capture suits,

Optical motion capture technology assisted to complete the launch of peng P7

Hardware: mainly includes optical dynamic capture camera, MC4000, which is the latest camera and camera series launched by blue pupil vision in 2019, with the maximum capture distance, extreme space coverage capability, and comprehensive compatibility.

Reshape Mizuhara Kiko with motion capture

Mizuhara Kiko and DAZED OFFICIAL created a story about aliens living on earth and took these unusual photos and images

Cooperate with Beijing sport university to develop rehabilitation data resource system

At present, there is a strong demand for data resource system in the rehabilitation industry. It is mainly aimed at improving the rehabilitation effect in a more convenient, timely and effective way. It can combine the checked data with clinical data through real-time motion capture and give accurate evaluation report to the recovered patients.

The Amazing Race combines motion capture to play VR games

A few days ago, The Chingmu motion-capture base located on The campus of Shanghai university in jing 'an district of Shanghai welcomed a new friend -- The Israeli version of "The Amazing Race".

Huawei 5G + VR live

Chingmu vision, as the partner of this motion-capture data, provides a high level of delivery for this demonstration with a professional and mature motion-capture studio.

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